Digital Twins, Simulations & Emulations

Virtually bring an entire manufacturing facility to life with Digital Twin technology.

By replicating your facility in a Digital Twin, you can explore all the possibilities of a new facility or a new expansion within a controlled, cost-efficient environment. Our System Analytics team can create a high-level simulation of your production facility or a more detailed emulation of your systems and equipment. Both options allow you to test the impacts of different changes, upgrades, and additions to determine where your capital investment will yield the best returns.

Capacity Optimization: Simplify system outputs to identify your overall capacity.

Does your system have complex decision making with many potential outcomes? Using a simulation will help accurately capture the capacity of your system. From small cell operations to massive distribution centers, we have the tools to fully simulate your system to drive improvements.

Material Flow Optimization: Create the safest, most efficient pathways for movement in your facility.

Every manufacturing facility has a lot of moving parts. Between forklift drivers, hand trucks, employee foot traffic, and dock door occupancy, it can be challenging to keep up with each critical piece of your operation and how it interacts with other parts of the process. By utilizing a simulation of your systems, we can help you minimize movement, optimize utilization, and create a material flow that operates efficiently.

Design Optimization: Test different facility layouts for efficiency before construction ever starts.

When you’re planning a new facility, it can be difficult to visualize the layout and flow of your new operation. What’s the most effective placement of equipment? How will changes to the output of one system affect another? Our simulation tools can create a functional model of your facility plan and quickly identify potential bottlenecks, capacity deficiencies, space utilization, and many other factors. Utilizing this data, you can optimize your design from the start, saving time and money.

Controls Testing: Avoid expensive production interruptions with an emulation of your controls systems.

Lost production during the start-up process can have a big impact on your bottom line. Our emulation services allow us to optimize your controls systems (PLCs and HMIs) using our 3D-modeling tools without disrupting production. We can maximize your throughput and accumulation as well as reduce product deformity without any downtime to the line. In addition to thoroughly testing all of our emulations ourselves, we can provide you with the opportunity to tour your upgraded system in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality: Explore your new facility and train operators in a safe, virtual environment.

Long before construction is complete and you’re ready for start-up and commissioning, you can go beyond CAD drawings and take a walk through your brand-new facility. Digital Twin technology provides a hands-on experience so that you can not only see your new space but interact with the system through virtual reality. Additionally, our System Analytics team can utilize virtual reality to build training modules for your operations staff through which they can safely and effectively learn how to operate equipment and systems prior to launching production.

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