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Robotic Layout

Incorporating data in real time increases accuracy and productivity of field personnel.

RTS and other digital layout equipment help reduce the time and increase the accuracy of field layout.

During construction, laying out the points in real time for each of the building components for concrete, steel, utilities, interior walls, ceilings, etc., can be tedious and time-consuming. Leveraging the 3D geometry and data in the BIM model, Robotic Total Station (RTS) equipment and other digital layout technology can significantly reduce the time needed to locate and construct work via 3D model geo-referenced coordinate system to immediately locate, stake-out, and execute in the field without additional survey. Additionally, 澳门足彩app is able to provide round-trip as-built data back to engineers in the office, to understand exact anchor bolt locations, underground utility locations, piping penetrations, and any other critical information, to make design adjustments as necessary, thereby increasing project productivity and expediting schedule.

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